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 Brake Repair


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One of the most important aspects of care for your vehicle is maintaining your brakes properly. After all, your car will be unable to stop without brakes which results in a dangerous crash. Brake repair and maintenance is surprisingly lower in cost than what you might expect. Pay attention to the behavior of your vehicle. In doing so, you can solve brake problems before they get costly or dangerous.



According to howstuffworks.com, 30,000 to 70,000 miles is the lifespan of the average set of brakes. All brakes will need to be serviced at one time or another. Squealing to grinding and high pitched squeaks is a good indication that your brakes need servicing. These symptoms indicate that your brake pads need to be replaced.


Occasionally turn off the radio and listen to your car while you are driving. You likely need a brake pad replaced if you have a rough feel from your brake pedal, or when you are braking you hear a grinding sound coming from any corner of your car. Take care of this problem early, it’s important. If you put off a repair, this will lead to additional problems, compromising your safety, such as your brake fluid lines losing pressure or broken rotors. Probably need a brake pad replaced if you do feel or hear a light grinding noise while braking. Bring your vehicle in for a brake inspection and let our technicians who are experts take care of your vehicle’s stopping power.


If you have delayed in replacing your brake pads or have had several pad replacements, then your brake rotors may need to be replaced also. The brake rotors may be fused to the internals of the wheel if they have not been replaced in a while or haven’t been rotated.


Properly maintaining your brakes is extremely important to your safety. Unless you are experienced in brake repairs, have the repair job done at your authorized Eagle Transmission Shop. Your life and the lives of others on the road are worth it.


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